Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Just So Lovely!

We love rearranging and "fluffing" our floor regularly. 
Often times it is necessary when large pieces leave for their new homes and new pieces come in...which is happening at break neck speed right now!
We spent hours and hours earlier this week making the floor new and fresh for our anniversary week! Don't forget that our sale ends this Saturday!

 photo 579893fc-2c8b-4669-968f-29515356c591_zps5qoygqj1.jpg

Friday, September 8, 2017

Oops! We did it, again!

We've made a huge mess over here! With shipments coming in SO fast, rearranging and fluffing going on, and fans being installed, we have a big mess on our hands. But don't worry, it will be just lovely!

 photo 579893fc-2c8b-4669-968f-29515356c591_zps5qoygqj1.jpg

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pardon the Mess...

If you came in today (or happened to see our Instagram stories) you saw the disaster that comes before a fresh, beautiful floor. Today we did a much needed floor move in preparation for our annual anniversary sale starting tomorrow! The pallets from our Vegas shopping trip have been coming in so fast over the last couple of weeks that we haven't been able to get everything out for you all to see. But just in time for our sale, everything has arrived and will be 16% off until September 16th! 


Saturday, August 26, 2017

More From Vegas!

All of the Vegas goodies have arrived and we love the way these pieces look on our floor!
Everywhere you look has something new, from chairs to consoles to prints and so much more! Finish off the summer strong with something new and beautiful for your space!

 photo 579893fc-2c8b-4669-968f-29515356c591_zps5qoygqj1.jpg

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

That was Quick!

A few of our awesome picks from our Vegas shopping trip are in already!
We spent a few hours on Monday opening boxes and putting our newest arrivals out on the floor. It was like Christmas in August! In fact, some holiday accessories have arrived, too! You'll have to wait until November to see those but take a look at a few things that are available now!

 photo 579893fc-2c8b-4669-968f-29515356c591_zps5qoygqj1.jpg