Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bramble is Back In!

One of our favorite and most popular manufacturers is Bramble. Bramble makes beautiful wood tables in several different shapes, sizes, and finishes. These lovelies take up to 6 months when special ordering but we have a great selection on the floor right now so you don't have to wait to get the perfect side table or coffee table!

Eton Single drawer Side Table $239  17" X 13" X 26"

Eton 2-drawer Side Table with Pull-out Shelf $269  17" X 13" X 27"

Newport Coffee Table $659  47" X 28" X 19"

Bradley Round Side Table $389  24" X 26" 

Creole End Table $349  24" X 12" X 26"

Creole End Table $349  24" X 12" X 26"

Eton 3-drawer Side Chest $449  28" X 21" X 26"


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Anniversary, Allison!

Chartreuse has been open almost 15 years and today we celebrated having Allison as a part of the Chartreuse family for 13 of those years!
Happy Chartreuse-versary, Allison! We love you! ♥︎


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Floor Items!

Not sure if you can tell but we LOVE getting new pieces for the floor! 
Especially when those new pieces are unique, affordable, and beautiful! Come in and see the new items we have ready to carry out and give your space an instant face lift!

Alice Headboard $549  69.5" X 8" X 64"
Entryway Piece $699

Espresso Sideboard $789  75.5" X 18" 43"

Side table $219  13" X 23" X 25"

Side table $199  13" X 23" X 25"

Olivia Coffee Table (limestone & brass) $659  46" X 23" X 18.5"

Tasos Coffe Table $479  50" X 20" X 24"

Stardrop Sofa in Bennett Peacock $1,349 (base price $1,099)  84" X 39" X 36"

Side table $219  13" X 23" X 25"


Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Little Change Goes A Long Way!

Have you ever changed your hair color and had people constantly exclaim, "I didn't even recognize you!"? Or worn a new color and gotten so many compliments on your skin tone? It is amazing what a little change of color can do to change up an entire look. 
In our latest restaging, rearranging, and fluffing of the floor, we mixed our colored accent pillows and accessories around to give our vignettes a completely new, fresh look. Sofas were transformed and "rooms" were made new! What could a new accent color do for your space?


Friday, May 6, 2016

♥︎ Mom ♥︎

Chef, driver, personal shopper, housekeeper, seamstress, animal caretaker, financial manager, nurse, teacher, nutritionist, crisis interventionist...

The list goes on and on! Moms do everything and then some so how do you say "thank you!" for all of that?

Well...you have one more day to figure it out and we can help!
Make Mom's day with a Chartreuse gift card and let her treat herself!