Saturday, July 29, 2017

Need a Little Green!

Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. 
In food preparation, greens are used to brighten the plate. It is often the finishing touch that creates an interesting palate and makes the meal look beautiful and appetizing. We like to use green in the same manner with home design. However, if you are anything like us, keeping inside plants looking fresh let alone alive can be quite challenging. The solution...a beautiful faux plant or two or three. It's amazing how a perfectly placed tree, orchid, or succulent can finish off a space! Our newest arrival of plants is in and ready for you! Come take a look at the huge selection and variety and pick the ones that will make your space look fresh and finished!

 photo 579893fc-2c8b-4669-968f-29515356c591_zps5qoygqj1.jpg

Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Wood" You Like to See Our New Pieces!

Our wood tables come in all types, shapes, styles, and finishes. We love mixing and matching to create interesting spaces. We have beautiful wood pieces for bedrooms, living rooms, dining, and entry. Find the perfect piece for your home on our floor or custom ordered! 

 photo 579893fc-2c8b-4669-968f-29515356c591_zps5qoygqj1.jpg

Saturday, July 15, 2017


One of the greatest compliments a person can give you about your home is how warm and inviting it is. Achieving the perfect balance of style and comfort does not have to be difficult with the huge selection of styles, colors, and textures we have to choose from to create your custom upholstered piece. We love the way a new sofa, sectional, or chair can compliment a space so well while making your guests feel right at home!

Kingston Square Arm Studio Sofa $1,099 as shown in Key Largo Ebony (base price $899) 
Kingston Sectional $2,398 as shown in Dudley Burlap (base price $1,998)

Pine Sofa with Slipcover $1,249 as shown in Klein White (base price $899)

Belgian Sectional $3,798 Glynn Linen in Oyster with Trillium Fill (down alternative)

Allison Sofa $1,449 as shown in Oakley III in Ink (base price $1,299)

American Aloe Chair $779 Maxwell Domino (base price $659)

Manhattan Chair $1,199 as shown in Manhattan Jet (base price $849)

La Jolla Sofa $1,299 as shown in Catalina Linen (base price $1,199)

Chartreuse Grand Sofa $1,349 as shown in Lisburn Pismo (base price $1,099)
 photo 579893fc-2c8b-4669-968f-29515356c591_zps5qoygqj1.jpg

Friday, July 7, 2017

Make a Statement!

We love statement pieces! 
A unique piece with a mix of textures and materials create a look that expresses your style. A piece that gives your space an extra special, custom feel. Come in to find the perfect statement piece for your home and give your summer guests something to talk about!

 photo 579893fc-2c8b-4669-968f-29515356c591_zps5qoygqj1.jpg