Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet Allison, Owner of Chartreuse!

This story begins with Allison working at a law firm while going to design school.  She is 18 and she does not like working at a law firm.  A fellow student in design school tells her about Wendy and her fab store Chartreuse.

The young girl that she is, Allison shows up at Chartreuse to meet Wendy without an appointment and with portfolio in hand, patiently waits three hours to speak to her.

Wendy is hesitant.  The girl is young, with braces, but to this day claims "there was just something about her."  She hires Allison because she knows that one day she is going to be fabulous, and keeps her behind the scenes doing office type duties while she shows her the ropes.

The day finally comes for Allison to work with the wonderful clients of Chartreuse, and with the help of Wendy, her taste in design is polished and refined. Thirteen years later, Allison and her husband, Matt, purchased Chartreuse as Wendy moved on into a life of travel and quality time spent with her husband, sons, family, and friends! Allison appreciates clean lines and monochromatic color schemes mixed with pops of color and interesting artwork.  You can contact her at

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