Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet Wendy, Founder and Owner of Chartreuse Home Furnishings

Wendy founded Chartreuse on the fundamental principles of offering unique furnishings for your home at great prices, while providing outstanding customer service. Chartreuse was opened in 2001 in a 1500 square foot office space, and within a year grew beyond even Wendy's wildest dreams. She runs the store with the same passion she has for life, seeking out unique and funky pieces that will add charm and style to her client's homes and lives.

Wendy is a self-taught interior designer, graphic designer, sewer, photographer and world traveler. She has lived in fourteen different places and traveled to far off places such as Bangkok, Indonesia and Bangladesh. She has always followed her interests with zest and zeal, and because of that she has a well-rounded outlook on interior design. Wendy's design aesthetic tends to lean towards monochromatic, neutral color schemes that have a calming effect. She adds a touch of whimsy to a room in the unexpected attention to details, be it a re-purposed bird cage or a unique statuette. She likes it fun, funky and functional. Actually, don't we all?

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