Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jenelle's Favorite Things!

Welcome to our new series of favorite things! In our next few posts one of the Chartreuse ladies will feature 5 of her favorite things in the store! Jenelle started us off today with her picks. Jenelle has been part of the team for 6 years working part time, filling in when needed, and lending her styling expertise to staging the floor. Our floor needs constant rearranging to fill in space when items are sold or make room for fabulous new pieces. That's where Jenelle comes in! Just moving a few pieces or adding one great new accessory can completely change the look of a space and she does it best! Jenelle especially loves Chartreuse's furnishings and accessories because "they help make your home special! You can get unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. It's better than buying at other stores where everyone else will have the same one in their home."

 #1- The Manhattan Chair
Jenelle's 3-year-old calls this "the cozy chair". She put this chair in her kitchen to provide a comfortable place to sit with a glass of wine and read a book after putting her little guy down for the night.

#2- Succulent Wreath
These wreaths are new to the store and Jenelle loves the rustic, organic look! She couldn't decide whether she liked the smaller, square ones or the large round one so we posted both!

#3- The Sugarboo Leather Album
We are so happy that this beautiful, vintage-looking photo album is being featured! Each page displays one photo with a heartwarming quote and Jenelle can't wait to take one home and fill it with her favorite pictures!

#4- Glass Initial Bottles
Although not new to the shop, Jenelle has always loved these repurposed bottles that can only be found here!

#5- Galvanized metal accessories
We carry a variety of pieces made with galvanized metal and Jenelle is a big fan! She especially enjoys the vintage framed letters and lanterns shown below. Use just one letter to display your family initial or several to spell a name or favorite word! 

Thank you for touring Jenelle's favorites with us! Stay tuned for Nickie's!


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