Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Transformations and Prints!

Don't you just love the way rearranging furniture or even just a few accessories can transform the look of a space?! We often move our pieces around to fill "holes" left by purchases, place new arrivals, or just to create new vignettes. Take a look at some of our favorite new room and some new pieces paired with classic favorites... 

Palm Springs Rattan Chairs $429/each  30.5" X 30" X 40"/18" and Gabri Coffee Table $599  40" X 20" X 26" 

Stardrop Sofa $1,099 base price ($1,199 as shown in Mystere Casper) and Asadel Coffee Table $849  52" X 19" X 30"

Terica Accent Chair $699  28" X 35" X 27"

La Jolla Sectional $2,697 base price ($3,297 as shown in Cachet Mineral)  available in many sizes and configurations
One-of-a-kind Wheeled Side Table $459 25.5" X 25.5" X 26.5"
Recycled Elm Cyrano Side Table $879  39.5"d X 16"  
Elliot Sofa $999 base price ($1,149 as shown in Hugo Taupe)  80" X 37" X 34"
Matty Mirrored Side Table $339  18" X 18" X 25"

Chalina Armchair $1,079  33" X 42" 33"
And, as promised last week...a sampling of new prints to pretty up your walls...


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