Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Feeling Blue!

Most of us have a certain color or a couple of colors that we are drawn to and tend to use over and over. These colors represent something about us or appeal to us in one way or the other. Th predominant color and coordinating accessories you choose to decorate with can be a true statement about you and your family. Carrying out a continuous color scheme is a great way to pull all the rooms in your home together for a consistent and polished look creating a flow that gives the impression of bigger, more open space. As an added benefit, having the option to use pieces interchangeably from room to room gives you the ability to change the look of your home anytime you want without spending a dime! 

Blue is frequently a color scheme we feature on our floor. Blue is often used to describe a feeling of sadness but it is said to be the color most associate with tranquility and peace. It reduces stress and creates a sense of calm and relaxation. We love using blues to bring a little outside in!  

Pinecone Hill bedding

Nautical themed pillows $75 each 

LEE Perfect Pouf $379/each as shown in Tortoise Navy (base price $269) and Jute Demi Pouf $139

Organic indigo prints $459 each 43" X 33'

Silver framed print $189  34" X 34"


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