Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pull Up a Chair!

Chairs are to a home, what a great necklace is to an outfit. It can be a statement piece, it can dress things up a little with a hint of sophistication, or it can add just what your space needs for the finishing touch. We have so many fun fabrics that are a little much for a large sofa or sectional but that we love to use on chairs as accents!  
Alexis Chair $229  25" X 31" X 31"/17"

Ellery Chair $549  32" X 34" X 41"/21" 

Vista Side Chair $269  21.5" X 25" X 37.5"/19"

The Russel Chair (indoor/outdoor) $69/each *sold in quantities of 4  21.5" X 21.5" X 32.5"

Mercedes Swivel Chair $899 as shown in Haven Diamond Serenity *see zoom in below
(base price $749)  32" X  32" X 34"


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