Saturday, February 6, 2016

Treats and Green Tags!

Don't forget to come by next week Tuesday thru Saturday while we celebrate 
LEE L♥︎ves Local Pouf-for-2-Nity Event! 
We will have coffee and treats each morning and appetizers and champagne each afternoon! 
Save on the perfect Valentine gift for your love with our 2-for-1 poufs and pillows and special green tagged floor items! Take advantage of our need to make more room for new pieces. Mention this blog post and save an additional 10% on green tag items!

Hudson Iron Wood Cabinet $959 green tag price $768  54" X 16" X 35"

Queen-sized Channing Iron bed $1,879 green tag price $1,799

Carew Bookcase $899 green tag price $689 42" X 19" X 69"

Cozy Coastal Sectional $3,497 green tag price $2,799 

Sanoma Coffee Table $849 green tag price $679  


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