Saturday, April 12, 2014

How about a Table!

 Sometimes our space just needs..."something". Something to fill in a bit of empty space or provide the finishing touch. If a trendy sofa isn't your style or a large eclectic piece is just a bit much, try giving your room a pop of personality with a unique new accent table or coffee table! We currently have a great selection of rustic and refined tables on the floor. With modern, contemporary, and traditional styles, you  can add a unique, custom feel to any space! 

Perfect Nesting Tables $399 
Hart Side Table $389 22" X 24" X 20"

The Langer End Table $359

The Rossi Tables $1,299 55" X 24" 17"

Antique Nickel Drums $219 30"d X 19"h & $199 26"d X 17"h


1 comment:

  1. A perfect idea and small table saving lots of space and can be adjusted any place very nice. Thank you for sharing with price as sometime online shopping is much more cheaper than the shop around.
    These table are useful as Home Office Furniture or coffee tables.