Thursday, April 24, 2014


We have such great distributers and just love it when we find new ones! One of our new favorites is Palecek. Inspired by the art of basket weaving in Asia during his world travels, Allan Palecek has designed unique but elegant pieces using natural, renewable materials. 

Is is a seat? A stool? A table? You decide...or use it all 3 way! $399

Oval tray $99

Retro Rattan High-back Lounge Chair & Stool/Ottoman $447 (31" X 30" X 39"h) & $229 (27.75" X 20.75 X 20.75")
with Branson Accent Table $259

Woven Hourglass Stool $239

Ella Occasional Chair & Rattan Stool $839 (24" X 24.75" X 31.25") & $486 (19.5" X 18.25")

Josephine Quatro Floor Lamp (or as Allison calls it "The coolest lamp EVER!) $1,499

Rattan tray $149


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  1. Wow very unique ideas generated on this beautiful and stylist kind of furniture. Thanks for sharing this nice post with us. I want to decorate my home with such type of home bar furniture.